Double duty Fashion Designer, Real Estate Investor, Design and Rehab addict. Mama. Wife. Angelino living in Echo Park, CA.




Craig is the rock. The practical truth teller who keeps this team on stable ground. Real Estate Investor, Developer, Project Manager  & Real Estate Agent. He is also an artist, a sculptor, a TV Producer and a proud Papa. 


About US


In 2012 we decided to buy a duplex. We already owned a home in Glendale, CA in which we resided but we were itching to do something as an investment..  We both worked, we were saving. We wanted to invest our money, but we didn't feel like we could really invest in the stock market successfully. We felt like no matter how much research we did, we were basically only guessing. How would we set ourselves up for our future? Craig worked in TV as a Producer and I work in Fashion as a Designer. There are no 401ks, no pensions... no guarantees. With a baby on the way, we figured if we bought a duplex, it could at least pay for itself and in 20 years we could sell it to pay for Elke's college education. And that was the beginning. 

It has never been easy. It has always been an uphill struggle in the crazy LA real estate market.  (However looking back it was oh so easy then compared to now!) In order to seal the deal on our first investment property purchase, Craig drove over unannounced to woo the 60 year old sisters from Michigan that they were making a big mistake by choosing the other buyers. He brought them lemonade and charmed them porch-side for a few hours leaving with their word they would sell it to us. And somehow that worked.  Steps away from the drool worthy locale of Sunset Junction in prime Silverlake, hipster paradise in Los Angeles, this place was a steal at 490k. That was post bubble 2008 and pre bubble now. The front house was lived in by the owner who died in the house (Im going to ignore that part) and the back house was lived in for 20 years by the fix it man who had also been stealing from the man who died (said the sisters.) He was forced to leave because of that and by the grace of the Eastside Gods, we received the duplex VACANT.

That was 2012.  We basically painted the inside, refinished the floors and it rented so fast and we were making money... Not just paying the bills but making a 12% return on our investment, right away!  So a year later we did it again. And again. And again.... We decided to try a flip after a few years of rehabbing.  We kind of do anything that feels right.  Our personal focus is value add, buy and hold investment properties.  That was only 6 years ago. And today we have created passive income working for us, found a passion between us and are always excited by the hunt of the next great deal. It's possible to get started now.  It's never too late. You never know where that will take you. Every journey begins with a single step... right?